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Uncompromising Standards

As an industry leader, Polystick meets all local and international standards. We apply rigorous quality control procedures throughout all production, packaging, and marking stages to ensure that every product is fit for its designated purpose.

Staying Close to Customers

We include among our long-standing customers many of the leading enterprises in our region. Our exposure to challenges in highly varied applications has given us rich expertise with clients such as the military and security industry, the automotive and aviation industries, elevator manufacturers, hospitals, furniture factories, foam and matrasses factories, and a range of high-tech companies.

Reputation for Performance

Since customer service is our top priority, we have the flexibility to adapt ourselves to every challenge in the adhesives industry. Our goal extends beyond the marketing of products towards providing highly skilled professional assistance for particular problems that you may encounter. We respond rapidly to every inquiry and are prepared to go the extra distance to adapt our product to your needs.




Polystick is one of the most established and prominent companies in its field. For nearly six decades, we have specialized in manufacturing and marketing adhesives and sealants, based on a range of chemical compositions, including Polychloroprene solvent and water-based adhesives, PU adhesives - solvent and water-based, SBC adhesives, Acrylics and PVA/EVA glues, Hotmelts – PO, EVA, Thermoplastic rubber, metallocene PO, Reactive HMA and others. PU, MS, Silicone and Acrylic sealants, and many more. We have gained rich expertise in many industries such as Military, Aviation, marine, woodworking, flooring,  upholstery, metals, HVAC, plastics, automotive, and construction.

Excellent Adhesives Since 1961

A key element in our long-term success has been the investment that we make in product research and development. Thanks to our extensive global ties and know-how agreements with leading experts in the adhesives technology, we have been able to access and use the best quality and most effective raw materials. This has allowed us to deliver special and highly practical solutions to our clients.

PUR Reactive Hot Melt

Reactive hot melt adhesives provide a stronger bond with superior resistance against moisture, heat, and chemicals.


They are used indoor and outdoor, assembly projects, construction and building systems, fire and heat solutions, automotive.

Hot melt adhesives

They are solvent-free formulations which become liquid when heated and are

applied in a molten state.

Solvent-based adhesives

These adhesives are mixtures of solvents and polymers such as polychloroprene, polyurethane, acrylic, and natural and synthetic rubbers (elastomers).

Water-based adhesives

Waterborne adhesives are very popular and are conceived as an environmentally friendly

and an alternative to solvent-based adhesives.


At Polystick we perform rigorous quality control procedures throughout all production processes to ensure that every product fits with our high-quality standards. Our consecutive exposure to challenges has given us rich expertise which extends beyond the marketing of products towards providing highly skilled professional assistance for particular problems that you may encounter. Our products provide a solution for a wide verity of industries and applications.

For more information regarding our products please fill an inquiry here.


Wood Assembly

Wood assembly refers to many applications, such as edge gluing, dowel insertion, miter gluing, tongue and groove joints and finger jointing. The substrates and material to be bonded are wood, veneer, particle board, MDF and many others. Polystick offers PUR hotmelts, non-reactive hotmelts, PU emulsion and waterbased adhesives for wood assembly.


Flat Lamination

The lamination of flat surfaces with foils, veneers, or papers using hot laminating or cold laminating equipment is a successful process in the woodworking industry. The finished laminated boards have numerous different applications: kitchen and home furniture, general interior fittings, and floorings. The traditional adhesives for such applications are EVA hotmelt and PVAC. To withstand the advanced requirements of the various materials and applications the PUR hotmelt became the preferred adhesive providing long open time, high green strength, and high final bond strength.


Profile Wrapping

Wrapped profiles are popular components in the manufacture of modern furniture and building interiors. It can serve as furniture decoration, drawer frames, wall and ceiling panels, doorframes, and other profiles of any kind. Wrapping materials can be chosen from a variety of foils, papers or veneers. The profile materials range is from solid wood, over wood-based substrates, plastics, aluminum, and metal. Polystick offers PUR, EVA, and PO Hot Melt.


Edge Banding

Edge banding is used to cover the exposed sides of materials such as plywood, particleboard, or MDF. Edge banding can be made of different materials including PVC, ABS, acrylic, melamine, wood, or wood veneer. Edge banding gives durability and an appealing look to the finished furniture. The various materials in use, the environment where the furniture is located and the technical parameters in production will guide the selection of the right adhesive. Polystick offers EVA, PO, or PUR hotmelt adhesives.


3D Lamination

Curved wooden boards thermally coated with a variety of foils to create a 3D cabinet fronts are primarily used in the bathroom and kitchen areas, but also on living room and bedroom furniture as well as smaller items of furniture. This process demands a reliable bond. Polystick offers a PU dispersion, 1 or 2 components, a readymade mixture, sprayable, providing a good and even coating. It has a longer pot life, very low activation temperature, a very strong initial tack, high heat and water resistance, very nice wetting properties and smooth mirror surface which is perfect for high gloss foils.


Foams an Matrasses

Foams are used in furniture and bedding production. They are bonded to rigid materials such as wood, metal, or plastic as well as with soft and flexible substrates including fabrics, nonwovens, PU foam, latex foam, and other foam types. Production processes are diverse from rollers to spraying. Our water-based adhesives 1 or 2 components designed for different kinds of matrasses, spring, pocket spring, foam encased matrasses, 100% foam, and latex. They prove high performance in bonding seating systems such as armchairs, office chairs, and car seats.



The automotive industry has been increasing the use of adhesives in recent years. Innovative adhesive solutions already provide excellent results and facilitate visually appealing interiors, highly resistant surfaces, and effective sound insulation. The reducing weight of components, increasing safety and minimizing the environmental effect of the massive quantity of vehicles guide the industry to adopt new bonding technologies. Polystick offers thermoplastic, PUR reactive hot melts, dispersions, and solvent-based adhesives for lamination and assembly processes such as structural bonding, laminates, and interior assemblies, lighting, trunks, etc.


HVAC Adhesives and Sealants

The objective of an HVAC system is to ensure that an indoor environment is both safe and comfortable for people. The air is conveyed through duct pipes and trunks, indoor and outdoor. To ensure perfect insulation and durable seal, high-performance sealants and adhesives are used. The ducts can vary to contain low, medium, and high-velocity heating and air-conditioning. The production of the duct pipes engages many kinds of adhesives and sealants for different purposes. Bonding the Insulation materials to the galvanized duct, kraft backed foil coverings to fiberglass, multiple layers of fibrous insulation board.



These adhesives are designed to bond fabrics, foam, and upholstery to a variety of substrates and themselves. Typical applications include furniture, seating, headliners, automotive upholstery such as vinyl In a variety of patterns, leather, nonwovens, trunk liners also in aircraft interiors such as decorative trims, seating upholstery, and cushions. Polystick offers solvent-based adhesives, reactive, and non-reactive hotmelts.



Bookbinding, where the pages and cover of a book are glued together at the spine. the techniques and technology have changed but bookbinding is still used today to collect information in a volume of printed papers. The development of a hot melt adhesive for bookbinding deducted the cost of producing books greatly and allowed us to enjoy an overflowed quantity of books. Even more, when the PUR hotmelt was introduced to this industry, books turned out to be more durable, with less wrinkling in the backbone and excellent lie-flat quality. In general, the adhesive is applied by nozzle or roller to bond the first and last pages of the book block to the cover and then the book block compiled on the back to the book spine.


Military & Security

Military and security needs vary from refurbishing used equipment, building new machinery, tracking weapons and vehicles, protective items, weapons crates, and more. Adhesives serve as a critical component to ensure successful military operations.



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